Friday, 1 May 2015

3. Making an assignment: "TAGM" (excludes details on Gene List)

Step 3:  After students have created accounts, create an assignment! 

Have your students create their own accounts.   Ensure you provide them with your class token so that they appear in your roster. Once they've done so, you can "form a team" to which the assignment will be linked.  Here's the part that can be confusing:  GENI-ACT is designed to allow a single student to annotate a bunch of genes, and annotations can be done individually or through teams.  And the teams can be changed from assignment to assignment.

One way to remember this is TAGM (tag'em).  This stands for the steps:
  1. Team creation - assignments are linked to teams; students are put into teams.
  2. Assignment creation - Name your assignment and add a description.
  3. Gene List (This will be covered in the next three videos to show different ways to pick your genes).
  4. Merge - Apply the gene(s) in your assignment to student teams.

Note that separate videos will detail how to create your gene list.

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