Sunday, 5 April 2015

1. Creating a Student account in GENI-ACT; Getting Started

Background and Getting Started

In order to participate in your instructor's GENI-ACT assignment, you'll need to make an account.  By doing so, you'll be in the instructor's roster and he or she can create assignments for you to complete.

Before you create your account, be sure to get your Class Token.  This will be provided by your instructor through an email or posted on your class Learning Management System (Moodle, BlackBoard, or other website).

Go to and set up your account.  The video below walks you through the process (although you can probably figure it out for yourself!).  There's also a great guide regarding Background Information about gene annotation and GENI, and Getting Started with GENI.  It is in Dropbox (you don't need an account in Dropbox to get these, but it's handy free cloud storage.)  The guide can be downloaded here.

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